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Friday, March 18, 2016

US FDA and NZ Medsafe approved

US FDA and NZ Medsafe approved

What does that actually mean?
Our products here at Vitamin NZ are not found on any other NZ website. That certainly makes us unique in what we are supplying and the service we are providing. It also means that we are very cost competitive on any dietary supplement similar to ours. Normally we have a far larger volume per container and the product is stronger with a better content formula.

So choosing us to provide your dietary supplement needs is not hard.

However one issue that may concern you is this: Are our dietary supplements safe?

Yes, of course as we mention in the About Us page of our website:

But what does that actually mean to you as a concerned consumer….

Below is an extract from the USP website: 

USP is the world’s only independent, not-for-profit, scientific and non-government pharmacopeia. This means, when you choose a USP Verified Dietary Supplement, you are getting a product that meets standards developed using the best available science and guided by a commitment to improving public health.

With a nearly 200-year history of helping to ensure American drug supply quality, USP is uniquely equipped to verify your dietary supplements.

A supplement successfully meeting our rigorous testing and auditing criteria receives the USP Verified Mark. When you see the Mark, it means the supplement:

  • Contains the ingredients listed on the label, in the declared strength and amounts
  • Does not contain harmful levels of specified contaminants
  • Is made according to FDA and USP Good Manufacturing Practices, using sanitary and well-controlled processes

USP’s drug product and ingredient standards are enforceable in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration. Dietary supplements are not subject to the same strict regulatory and scientific standards applied to drugs—creating opportunities for poor quality supplements to enter the market. Misleading health claims, potentially harmful levels of contaminants, and supplement mislabeling challenge consumer trust.

The USP Verified program is voluntary. Manufacturers whose supplements meet our demanding criteria and carry the USP Verified Mark on the product label demonstrate a deep commitment to good quality, allowing you to choose USP Verified dietary supplements with confidence.

So that’s what happens in the USA.
Now the same product comes to New Zealand and has to meet the requirements of our own USP; being NZ Medsafe, which in turn is regulated through the Food Act 1981.

Hopefully that may alieve any concerns that you may have regarding how safe our products are.
We never had any! But, we also know of the stories of imported supplements from foreign lands of dubious health and safety standard’s…. We will only import from countries of the very highest standards. Currently that is only from USA. The manufacturers of these products have 20+ years of experience in this industry do just that – manufacturing. Their business relies on good quality and an internationally recognised brand. We are no different.

Paul @ Vitamin NZ.