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Tuesday, January 12, 2016



Comparing prices on several similar products is not easy. First is the actual product and it's suitability for you. Then comes how many tablets you are getting and how that effects the price comparison. Buying a larger or bulk amount (somewhere over 200 tablets) will certainly make each tablet cheaper. Is shipping included and how much is each company charging for that, or is that free within the purchase price.

Are and credit card fees included or are they additional to the stated price. You definitely need a piece of paper and a calculator!  What is dosage that needs to be taken and how does that compare with each product on offer.

Luckily we at Vitamin NZ have done that work for you! From our comparisons and calculations we are certain that you will not find a cheaper vitamin product when you compare all of the issues above.

That's why we have headlined this blog - PRICE WARNING!

What you see initially as a low price may not be so after all that you may need to add to that price to get it to your home. Our containers are in the bulk type supply, that is how we have managed to get our prices as low as they are. Shipping within NZ is included. Credit card charges are included. We are always happy to get feedback on this issue and any others. Please e mail us at

Happy shopping!, Paul.