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Thursday, August 11, 2016



The new vitamins are on their way to NZ.!

I am expecting these to arrive the week starting 22 August.

They are, along with pricing:

5-HTP -                 $54.95 - bottle of 150

Prostate Plus -      $64.95 - bottle of 250

Turmeric -             $54.95 - bottle of 180

Magnesium -        $44.95 - bottle of 150

Cholestoff Plus -   $59.95 - bottle of 200

Additionally in the week after we will have:

Daily multivitamin -    $49.95 - bottle of 250

Mature Multivitamin - $49.95 - bottle of 250 

I am very excited about the two multivitamins as this will fill a void in our products. These follow-on from the very popular Kirkland Signature range of products we have introduced to NZ. I am sure they will be well received as have been the others.

More info will come through our blogs over the next few days.

The website will be updated with these new products over the next week, once online you can purchase these great supplements!

I will be offering a discount over the first few weeks while they are heading to NZ to cover the delay in shipping to you once here for early orders. So be in to get that discount!

Regards, Paul.