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Sunday, June 26, 2016

NEW PRODUCTS - coming soon!


Yes, new products are coming soon to NZ!

This is a great day for us here at Vitamin NZ. We have been working away at a product line expansion and this today is the start of what will be a continued product line expansion for the remainder of 2016.

So, today I can announce the following products:

Turmeric - to give a little Indian spice with curcumin.

Magnesium - this will come to NZ as a High Potency line, probably the highest in NZ.

Prostate Plus -  perhaps ignored by NZ men, but no longer as this great product will have much benefits with Saw Palmetto.

5  HTP - for mood and relaxation support. A popular supplement, which will come to NZ at great value and strength.

CholestOff Plus -  in the form of a natural supplement that will assist in cholesterol reduction.

So 5 new products. More will be announced in the next few months, so I would suggest that you sign up to our newsletter to get the news first hand! Go to the home page and at the bottom is the newsletter sign up page.

Regards, Paul.