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Monday, February 29, 2016

New Product - Starter Packs now available!

New Product - Starter Packs now available!

Some new and interesting news from us here at Vitamin NZ .

After feedback from our customers, today we have launched smaller volume Starter Packs!

One of the marketing points of Vitamin NZ has been large containers with a tablet count of 3-500 tablets. That is one of the major reasons why our prices are very low as compared to other products here in NZ. Very often it is not the tablet cost that runs the price up but all other associated costs. These include storage, handling, bottles, labelling, postage etc.

However we do realise that not everyone wants to commit to buying a large amount of tablets when they are perhaps not sure if they want to continue with them or if in fact they are what is good for them…

So, what we have been working on are some smaller containers to allow people to try at a lower cost and amount and then move upwards to the larger container. This will then provide that great buying value that we are getting known for.

We have selected 4 of our items that will fit that well. Those are the Children’s Multivitamin, Calcium with D3, Glucosamine with MSM and the Hair, Skin & Nails product.

The Children’s Multivitamin come in a container holding 40 gummies while the remaining 3 products come in a starter pack (as we are calling them) of 60 tablets or softgels.

The prices start from as little as $11.95. Now that is still great value – just what we are known for.

There is a drop down option on those items for you to select the container tablet number and its associated price will be shown. Starter Pack is written next to that option for clarity also.

So go to: to look at prices and full details of each product.