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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Comparing apples with apples

Comparing apples with apples

I can’t help myself these days whenever I may walk through a supermarket or a chemist.

I now gravitate towards the dietary supplement section if I have a moment to compare what is available, what prices are like etc…

This is exactly what happened recently in both of these.

The first was in a local supermarket in Auckland…..

There it was, Glucosamine for $35. That got my attention! But it is supposed to do that – the price I mean… So well done!

I stopped and picked up the product and then started to look at some of the facts.

1000mg, 200 tablets that’s it. No extra MSM, just glucosamine and nothing else.


Now have a look at our Glucosamine: $44.95

1500mg – that’s 50% stronger.

375 tablets – that’s getting very close to double the number.

MSM included - which is bioavailable sulfur. Sulfur is a necessary component in the building blocks for glucosamine.

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So, those supermarket tablets come out at $98.50 and that doesn’t even take into account the benefits of having MSM included in the tablet – what’s that worth?

Another example of apple comparing came the other day at the chemist.

CoQ10 – an excellent product – great to assist in a healthy heart.

Once again tablets for sale at $30. Not bad.

But once again once I picked it off the shelf and started looking at what you got for your $30 it didn’t look so good after all…

30 tablets – even though the bottle was fairly large to make it look bigger. The bottle had some cotton wool in it, no doubt to pad it out!

150mg of CoQ10.

Look at our Coq10: $49.95

100 tablets – over x3 the amount of tablets.

300mg of Coq10 – that’s an even double the amount.

Those chemist $30 tablets come out at a whopping $200 when comparing apples with apples. Now that’s not good for anyone that has bought those thinking they were a good deal.

You could afford to buy 4 of our bottles and be better off.

Ah – but what about postage, credit card fees etc. if I buy online.

None, zero, zip if you buy with us as all those issues are included in the price you see when looking at the product.

In-fact we have saved you a trip out in your car, made more time for other things in your life (coffee) and in general just made the whole purchase process a lot easier as we have researched and obtained some of the best products out there at the lowest prices.

I hope you enjoy our shopping experience!


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